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BestFitCollege offers a variety of customized services and solutions.

Your guidance was invaluable. You helped our son make intelligent choices and kept him on task. He told us he wouldn’t have had a clue about the process without your help."

Comprehensive Package

This plan starts during the sophomore or junior year, through your admittance to college and beyond. It includes a thorough analysis using assessments, to help develop a well-thought-out college list. We also provide support with college visits, summer ideas, and the rest of your application.

Senior Application Package

This service is available starting July before the senior year. It includes identifying a good set of colleges, and help with all aspects of the application process, including interview preparation.

Consultation Service

BestFitCollege is available for hourly consultation services. We provide information and advice about applications, essays, interviews, college visits and other college-related needs.

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You have made the entire journey a lot smoother and I could not be happier with the end result. I really appreciate all of the time you spent with me and for all your support."

Your positivity, confidence and expertise were invaluable when managing the stress of the college application process. I am incredibly excited for college and cannot thank you enough for your role in my landing at such a wonderful place."

We really appreciate your knowledge, experience and insights into the college process. Most importantly, your patience and empathy saved us many times during the last several months. You are not only very professional, but also extremely kind."

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