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The BestFit process is designed to cover your entire college search and planning approach.


The overwhelming stress of the admissions process can be simplified with the help of a customized, organized plan of attack.

Getting to Know YOU

We begin by talking with both students and parents, to get the big picture—your hopes and dreams, strengths and weaknesses.

College Selection

We combine information gained in getting to know the student with our knowledge of the admissions process, to determine a student's "best-fit" college choice.

Best Foot Forward

We work with each student to discover and reinforce what makes them unique, and to demonstrate those special characteristics to colleges.

Essay Writing

We have created an essay process that ensures students create memorable, powerful essays that contribute to developing the best application possible.


Although schools rely less and less on interviews, we help students hone in on their interviewing skills, to help them prepare for college and beyond.


Colleges expect students to receive strong teacher recommendations. We work with each student to decide who to ask, how to ask and what to ask for.

College Visits

We help students with college visits by suggesting a good set of schools to visit, providing a checklist for each school, and helping with comparisons afterwards.

Initial Call

The BestFit process usually begins with an inquiry call from a parent

First Meeting

We then meet with you and your student to make sure working together is a good fit

Student Meetings

Going forward, most meetings are then with the student

Ongoing Updates

We keep you up to date with summaries of the meetings with your student

Want to learn more? Talk to us!

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