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BestFitCollege Consulting has offices in Seattle (Queen Anne Hill) and the San Francisco Bay Area (Marin County).

San Francisco Office

Lisa Buchwalter

30 Prospect Avenue

San Anselmo, CA 94960


Seattle Office

Kathryn Gillis
2212 Queen Anne Ave N, #425
Seattle, WA 98109

We also work with students around the globe via Skype, FaceTime and Google Chat.

The college admissions process was a very stressful time in our family. Like a lot of parents, we wanted to help, but really didn’t know how or have enough time. BestFitCollege took the pressure off of us - they got our daughter organized, making sure her applications were great."

Our daughter was so fortunate to have such good choices and that is due to you and your work with her. Thank you again for everything. We were so fortunate to have your help.”

I have loved working with you and I have learned so much about writing from going over my essays. My time spent with you made the application process almost enjoyable. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your unwavering support throughout the entire process.”

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